Golden Gaultier

Andrew Bui

Posted on January 22 2020

Golden Gaultier

Paris January 22,

Jean Paul Gaultier debuted his latest and his last haute couture collection in Paris, today marking perhaps the end of his storied and outrageous 50 year career as a designer. And signaling yet another dramatic departure and shift in the fashion landscape. His final show was full on mashup of classic Gaultier-isms like sailors, bustiers, cage jackets, exaggerated suits and Rossi de Palma. 

We always wanted to collect and feature a lot of Gaultier pieces in the collection for all the obvious reasons: the design has always been full of humor and geste and clearly statement making and conversation starting. In terms of thinking of style and ways of dressing, Gaultier pieces, although intricate and perhaps even ostentatious, (think outsize comes bras, and beaded trompe l’oeil naked bodysuits) always felt fresh and contemporary for combining elements of high and low, street wear and couture. What were your favorite Gaultier pieces and collections?

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